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It’s never ending journey! Since we’re kid till date, skill to earn our life, our career, our family, our society and our spiritual journey. None of them stop till our last breath!

Henny Irniawan


Let’s optimize your performance and build your career (legacy) in the new heights. Find Henny’s podcasts, tutorials, videos, books and other how-to articles on unleashing your potentials. Nothing is impossible!

Fammi Indonesia


Fammi is an on demand Family Education Platform where you can find the solution of your family matter as easy as listening music! Hundreds of episodes and playlist updated everyday! Curated expertise and curriculum!



It’s a place where Moms spread their Love, Passions, Inspirations, Positivity & Creativity with the Sharing Spirit to Care!

“If it takes a village to raise a child, It takes a village to support that child’s parent”


Henny’s & Co Courses

Transform Your Life Life a Coach

Transforming Your Life Like a Coach

Free classes

Short introduction where you can directly apply on (1) how to be the best version of yourself, (2) create balance in your life, (3) using SMART strategy and (4) knowing your strenght, and (5) trust yourself! With QnA sessions…

Sight Word Fuun Learning

Sight Word Fun Learning

Premium classes

Book available at Gramedia Indonesia Store offline and online. You will get free access to the video, link inside the book, through Fammi Platform. It’s an easy and fun way to learn English for kids while bonding with parents! So much activity you can do together.

Fammi Original Series

Fammi Original Series

Online Self Paced Learning

Our team have tailor-made each episodes and palylists to asnwer all your need in every level of family life journey. It’s started even before you married, step by step from you have your first pregnancy till the teenage life of your kids! Feel the sensation as you have the expert next to you, all a long!

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Apart from skills learn from Henny, you will also get an update in brief what you can learn as well with SmartMom and Fammi.


Why We Need to Keep Upgrading Our “Life Skill”?

Travel The World With Confidence

Nothing change in this world except the change it self. So, it is important to keep up to date with the world pace, so we can travel the world with confidence!

Increase Your Career & Business Opportunities

So many smart people with great academic value! Without the right life skill needed to make it bold, you will loose the battle even before it started.

More Perspective in Seeing the World!

We need to see things differently and consider all point of view like seeing from a helicopter view. It will give you more look on what you need to do and believe rather see it as it seems.

Become a Better Learner

Why we need to learn from history? Because we don’t need to repeat the same mistake! Same as a learner, we need to sharpen our knowledge to become a better learner.

Human Relationship & Communication

If we’re not able to make a peace with ourselves, it will become more difficult within family, moreoever society! Human relationship and communication can be learn easily but practically not easy as it sounds!

Speak With More People

When you have learn, practice and getting feedback regularly, it will help you build your new set of life skill without even you realize. Unconciously build by your own habits!


Upcoming Courses

Online Self Paced Learning

Journey to Self-Love

Coming Soon

Online Self Paced Learning

Secret Recipe: Working & Live Abroad

Coming Soon.


Why Learn With Henny?


Experienced for Over 15 Years

With +10 Years International Career Experienced, Up to date Certifications & Trainings


Over Thousands Audiences

Brand, Company, University, NGO, Community, Non Profit Organizations, Executives and more.


World Class Educators Collaboration

Some of the clasess are collaborate with world class educators direct and indirectly.

Henny Irniawan
IPB University Henny Irniawan
Digibank Henny Irniawan
Repower Asia Indonesia Henny Irniawan
Wakaf Salman Henny Irniawan
Henny Irniawan Speaker

Speaker Invitation

Invite Henny as Speaker

Professional experience can be checked on Henny’s Linkedin. Social Media exposed on Henny’s Instagram. Free for non profit organization.  Please mentioned the topic requested in the subject.

About US

Our Story

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What Henny’s Participants & Clients Say

She demonstrate that hard work, drive and passions are the navigation to your success. It helps student to underpin the key takeaways on building digital ecosystem for family and youth literacy.

IPB University Henny Irniawan

Digital Socio Ecosystem

IPB University – Communication Science & Community Development

Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially… Be Yourself! Everyone is an asset, we just need to keep innovate. Share, share, share and start earn valuable insights. It help our customers bring personal branding to the next level!

Digibank Henny Irniawan

Walk The Talk

Digibank by DBS – Extra Income from Creative at Home

Smart! Managing family finances in the time of crisis are no joke! The right decision will happen, when we have the right knowledge, opportunity and risk mitigation we can endure.

Repower Asia Indonesia Henny Irniawan

Repower Family Education

Repower Asia Indonesia – CSR

So inspiring! We can unleash our unique potential by understanding ourselves better. To change the world, start by transforming ourself. Walk the talk better than shouting out!

Wakaf Salman Henny Irniawan

Kulwaf Salman

Wakaf Salman – Non Profit Organization


Frequently Asked

How to Book Personal Co-Partner Sessions?

Simply check Henny’s Co-Partner Page, to ensure that those are the services you’re looking for. If you have any doubt, please feel free to directly message Henny’s assistant through email and or whatsapp.

How to Book Coaching Sessions?

Simply check Henny’s Coach Page, to ensure that those are the services you’re looking for. If you have any doubt, please feel free to directly message Henny’s assistant through email and or whatsapp.

How to Invite Henny as a Speaker?

Please contact Henny’s assistant directly through email and or whatsapp to check her availibility. Soon will be updated directly in the website.

Will it be free from Non Profit Organization?

Yes, definitely 100% with my pleasure.

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“Be a Lifelong Learner! The more you Learn, the more you Earn & more self-confidence you will have! Cause success are not fallen from the sky or we dream of, but we work for it! Make it Happen! With our best Effort and Pray” – Henny Irniawan

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