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My missions is to encourage woman to become the Best Version of themselves,

so that they finally start:

  • becoming productive, creative and positive
  • influencing others, moreover kids, teenagers and their family
  • having work-life balance physically, socially and spiritually
  • playing the important role as COO and CFO for their family
  • establishing and or growing their business as a mompreneur where they can work from anywhere in the world
  • growing their professional career significantly
“Don’t be confused between what people say you are and who you know you are!”
Sometimes our actions driven by others opinion, well you don’t have to follow when you think it’s not you. Understanding who we are, is about accepting and working on the area where we know and we want to improve.
The next step is about your will, your need and what do you really want in life that you want to accomplish. Everyone have their own battle in life, challenge, obstacle, and things which may go in the different direction as we wish.We did our best on the very moment in life, so:
“Respect yourself, don’t let others value you otherwise!”
And always remember that:
“Not a single calamity (ordeal) befalls a Muslim in the form of a thorn or anything like that, but with it Allah will raise his degree or erase his mistake.” (HR. Muslim)
No one will be able to see the worth of a pearl, until it’s taken out from the shell. You have a lot of potential which may be you don’t realize you can accomplish. If you want to unleash your potential and keep moving forward to give more value for your life and your family,

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